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Healthcare Courier Solutions

Delivering your packages safely and on time.



You can trust your healthcare delivery needs with Courier One Express because we are reliable, experienced and professional in this field.

We have clients that have trusted us with their healthcare courier needs for over a decade.

We are dedicated to safety and punctuality. We understand the importance of the healthcare industry and strive to provide reliable and punctual delivery services to our healthcare clients.

Prescription Delivery

 Courier One Express picks up prescriptions from local pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens and delivers prescriptions to various clients. These clients range from residential to hospitals and nursing homes. 

We understand how crucial it is to get your medication on time! We are also sensitive to the matter that medication can alleviate someone’s pain and suffering so we strive to do our best and get your medication to you, as soon as possible. That’s another reason we operate 24/7/365 so you know who to rely on when you need your medications.

Lab Test Delivery

Have lab tests that need to go to the lab? Let Courier One Express do the job for you. We have been delivering specimens to various labs in Georgia for over a decade. 

We are experienced in handling these packages with care and delivering them on time. We have clients that have trusted their specimens with us for a decade. They are sure that their specimens will get to the lab in a timely fashion, that's why they choose Courier One Express to do the job!

Medical Records Delivery

You can trust your confidential information with us. Courier One Express is your local, insured, and trusted same-day delivery expert in Atlanta. We have reliable drivers that have been delivering medical records for years.

Whether you're a residential client that needs their medical records picked up from a clinic or you’re a clinic that needs to deliver medical records to a hospital, Courier One Express is the courier service to trust for the job.


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